Discover Milos

Milos is a volcanic origin Cycladic island of the Aegean Sea. It is rumored that derives its name from the ram, which was one of the usual symbols of the area, and was named “Malion”. So, it evolved into "Milos". Milos is famous for its indented coastline, with more than 75 small and large beaches with crystal clear turquoise sea, colorful carved rocks and yellow gold sands. It's certain that you will be amazed!
In the Milos island, there are several destinations awaiting for you to discover them and earn special memories of your vacations. Of the most popular attractions in Milos is the statue of Aphrodite of Milos, the Catacombs, Sarakiniko, Kleftiko, the Ancient Theater and the museums with their unique exhibits. Furthermore, it is worth visiting Klima, that is the most picturesque of all the traditional fishing villages of Milos, the Castle in Plaka, that is built on the hill of Prophet Elias, Alikes, the Sulphur Mines and many more traditional villages, which will thrill you with their beauty and the mediterranean kitchen.
Milos island has many, beautiful and different to one another beaches. It owes that to its volcanic origin, the strong winds and the Aegean waves, which for thousands of years have formed this unique beauty. The beaches of Milos are ideal for every taste, from the absolute organization until the perfect isolation and they are scattered in all directions. So, you can find windless beaches to swim or beaches with wind to get involved with your favorite water sports, such as Wind Surf and Kite Surf.The most popular beaches of Milos are: Papikinou, Paleohori, Provatas, Firiplaka, Tsigrado, Ag. Kiriaki, Hivadolimni, Sarakiniko, Alogomandra, Papafragas and much more!
Milos has been declared as a holy island by the Holy Synod, thanks to its Early Christian Catacombs. It is, also, one of the few islands that have Ecclesiastical Museum and more than 140 churches and chapels. Every year at these churches local feasts take place.
To get to know a place, you must first experience its gastronomy. In this way, tasting the flavors, you know the environment, culture and its history.
The most representative species of the cuisine of Milos is the "pitarakia" filled with lots of pepper and dry cheese or mizithra cheese with mint, the original "karpouzopita", a traditional sweet watermelon pie and of course, the sweet “koufeto”, made by sweet pumpkin crumb with honey and almonds.
Local Products
The visitor of Milos can get some of the island's traditional products, such as jars with “koufeto”, local cheeses like xerotyri, xinomizithra and touloumotyri. Also, famous is the thyme honey of Milos, tomato paste made by Milos’ production, caper and rustic dry bread by barley and wheat.
Along the harbor, but also at many beaches and villages, there are many traditional taverns and elegant restaurants, characterized by delicious menu, excellent service, hospitality and friendliness.
The island of Milos provides you anything that can make your stay more comfortable and your vacations more pleasant. It combines the relaxation and tranquility with the vibrant nightlife and fun. Certainly, one of the many cafes, bars, taverns and restaurants will be the haunt of your summer vacations!
Milos has four museums, which attract thousands of visitors every year from all around the world.The Archaeological Museum of Milos is located in Plaka and includes in its collections representative samples from throughout the history of the island.The ecclesiastical museum is located a few meters from the center of Adamas.The Folk Art museum of Milos is located in Plaka. It presents through the organization of spaces of a house, the peculiarities of the daily life in Milos in the period after the revolution of 1821 until the interwar.At the Mining Museum of Milos, the mining history of the island and its mineral wealth are being unfolded with an excellent presentation.
At Milos, there are several small and larger stores with original handmade jewelry of high aesthetic, silver or bronzes, branded or not. Also, silk or cotton clothes, handbags, scarves and hats are known for their finesse and quality. For your home, you can find lovely artistic creations made of clay or glass, luminaires and souvenirs from Milos. Take a walk and definitely, something will suits your taste!