Milos island has an airport and a port. Its connection with Athens at the “El. Venizelos” airport is daily. The flight lasts 30 minutes and the airport is 15km away from Pollonia. Adamas port is connected with Piraeus port by speedboats (trip duration:3-4 hrs) and by conventional boats (trip duration:7.5-8hrs). Adamas port is 10km away from Pollonia. Milos island is, also, connected with other Cycladic islands and Crete. The itineraries increase in the summer months. Especially, Kimolos and Milos are daily connected with ferries starting from Pollonia port. The trip lasts 30minutes. For more information, please contact:
  • "El. Venizelos" airport: 210-3500000
  • Port Authority of Piraeus: 14944 or 14541
  • Port Authority of Milos: 22870-23360 or 22870-22100